Auditions for ‘Picasso at the Lapin Agile’ will be held

Saturday, November 19th at 10am and Sunday, November 20th at 1pm.


Please prepare a personal story to tell (less than 3 minutes). Readings from the script will follow.


Rehearsals are usually scheduled for a few days a week, occurring Mondays-Thursdays with occasional weekend rehearsals.


Performances are January 20th- February 5th.


If you cannot make this audition date and would like to schedule an alternate audition, please do so BEFORE the regularly scheduled auditions by

contacting Director Dan Estes via email at



*Proof of vaccination required to audition for this show. Masks are required in the building. Thank you for helping keep our cast, crew, & patrons safe!*



Comedian Steve Martin’s absurd comedy of historical fiction, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, has Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso meet in a bar in Paris in 1904, the year before Einstein’s theory of relativity and Picasso’s transition into cubism. The two celebrities of science and art spar for their fields, surrounded by a cast of supporting characters from the turn of the century and beyond. The anachronistic, self-referential, and self-aware nature of this short one-act enraptures audiences into thinking about the role both science and art play in our lives, the men (and women) who inspire genius, and the philosophies that shape our world over the modern centuries.



  • Freddy – The owner and bartender of the Lapin Agile. He is the boyfriend of Germaine, and seems to be a simple-minded man but occasionally says something truly stunning, and occasionally breaks the fourth wall.[2]

  • Gaston – An abrupt and direct old Frenchman with prostate problems, who talks plainly and only seems to care about sex and drinking

  • Germaine – A waitress at the Lapin Agile. She is Freddy's girlfriend and a very thoughtful and beautiful woman. She has many ideas of what the 20th century will be like, and has slept with Picasso.

  • Albert Einstein – A 25-year-old scientist with big aspirations. He is a genius, with a book on the way called The Special Theory of Relativity. He often finds himself having to explain his theories and thoughts in a simpler fashion to the rest of the group, as he is wise beyond his years.

  • Suzanne – A beautiful 19-year-old girl who is infatuated with Picasso. Suzanne and Picasso have already slept together, and she is left hurt and angry when he doesn't remember her.

  • Sagot – Picasso's art dealer, who is obsessed with finding and selling great pieces of art for profit

  • Pablo Picasso – A talented and charismatic 23-year-old painter. Extremely egotistical and self-confident, he is a serial womanizer and master of manipulation.

  • Charles Dabernow Schmendiman – A young inventor with huge dreams and little knowledge. Although he is hardworking, he is overshadowed by the genius and talent of Einstein and Picasso.

  • The Countess – An extremely intelligent and attractive woman, with whom Einstein is infatuated. She thinks like he does, being the one person to really understand him in the play.

  • A Female Admirer – A young admirer Picasso assumes is a fan of his, but who turns out to be an admirer of Schmendiman

  • The Visitor – A polite and talented country-boy time-traveler, who adds another dimension and point of view to Einstein's and Picasso's debate. He is a blue-suede-shoed musician.

WWCA is thrilled to announce auditions for
‘Picasso at the Lapin Agile’